Body Strategist Cryo Leg Gel

Body Strategist Cryo Leg Gel

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Leg gel formulated with Hesperidin, Aescin and Menthol for an immediate sensation of freshness. Ideal in case of swollen legs, it promotes a sensation of relief for heavy legs.

  • Light, non-greasy and fast-absorbing consistency.
  • Immediate and lasting feeling of freshness and relief.
  • Ideal for people who suffer from swollen legs. Often felt in the evening and aggravated by hot weather conditions and often a consequence of a tiring day.


With our scientifically formulated BODY STRATEGIST CRYO LEG GEL, you can smooth your skin to avoid cellulite and fight inflammation. Our CRYO LEG GEL contains Aescin which helps increase circulation in the legs and relieves tired, sore legs. The freezing menthol is the perfect anti-inflammation remedy.  It can help calm inflammation in the legs caused by swollen tissue and bring you the much-needed comfort you deserve. 

 200 ml