Beautiful Rock Salt + Driftwood 8oz Candle

Beautiful Rock Salt + Driftwood 8oz Candle

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Our beautiful jujube candles are handpoured into stunning handmade jujube cups and scented beautifully with our signature rock salt and driftwood scent. Rock salt and driftwood is a calming marine scent with notes of seaweed, green algae, cyclamen, water lily, salt, crusted driftwood, amber, patchouli and hints of musk.

Product information

* 220g | 8oz

* Coconut & Rapeseed Wax Blend

* 38 hour burn time 

* Lead-free cotton wick

* High quality paraben free fragrance oil

* Natural Jujube wood 

* Approx 90mm (top diameter) x 90mm (height)

Please note this product is made from natural jujube wood and therefore variations in the pattern will occur - this means that no 2 jujube cups will have an identical pattern. This is completely normal and common with handmade items, especially wood products. It is what makes your purchase unique. After it's game over for your candle, reuse the vessel however you choose.